Even as a child, I felt that there was so much more to life than what we were being taught.  In high school, I began to study and practice different types of meditation.  Intrigued by anything having to do with how the mind worked, this is where my journey toward liberation truly began.  I became dedicated to this path of inner wisdom and Self discovery which led to a dream to open a community spiritual center.  After a few years of fitness, self study, and deeper explorations of the internal landscapes of the mind, my self awareness and spirituality began to blossom.  Inevitably, I was introduced to the ancient practice of yoga and immediately fell in love. While mainly practicing at home using videos with friends and family, I not only developed more awareness of my body but of the world as a whole.  Everything fell into place with such divine order.  In August of 2015, I received my certification through Peachtree Yoga Center in Sandy Springs, GA and almost immediately opened Blue Lotus Yoga.

  In my classes you can expect to be guided with intention and purpose as you learn to better connect with the Self and honor the process as it unfolds.  With such a huge passion for this practice, there is nothing more fulfilling to me than witnessing the growth of my students. While welcoming all with a genuine smile and comforting words, I love helping others feel that they are exactly where they need to be. 


Founder/Owner- E-RYT200 YACEP