private yoga session

Spend one-on-one time with a skilled instructor to deepen your practice or fine tune areas of the body. Discover techniques to relieve aches and pains while learning to understand the energy body as it relates to your physical body. We are available throughout the week and are happy to work with your schedule.


Virtual and Studio appointments available.


60 Minutes - $85

3 Sessions  - $190

meditation lesson

Learn powerful breathing techniques and meditation skills to relieve stress and find clarity in your thought patterns. Meditation allows you to become an observer of your own thoughts and reactions, bringing you more awareness in your everyday life. 


$20 per half hour

chakra clearing session

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means "wheel", referring to spinning wheels of energy in the subtle body that govern our entire existence on this planet. Be guided through a Chakra meditation with healing crystals as Shelby allows herself to be an open channel of divine light to help clear out any stagnant energy from the subtle body that might be holding you back from a life you love. 

30 Minutes - $45

doTERRA oil consultation

Use doTERRA Essential oils to discover how the powerful healing benefits of plants can transform your life. Just as each human has a purpose in this world so does every plant that Earth provides.  Enjoy a free one-on-one to learn more about these plant extracts. 


Schedule a one-on-one free of charge.


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