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Hi, I am Sophie, a divine channel, alchemist, psychic, yogi, medicine woman, artist, and witch. More than anything though, I am a reflection of you. Yoga in Sanskrit means union, and that is exactly my intention; to serve as your guide while you rediscover union between body, mind, and soul, remember and embody your own Divinity, connect to the Earth, and find immanent and transcendent balance. I use my gifts to anchor in the New Earth and collective reunion with the Divine Mother; by holding sacred and intentional space for you, and helping empower you to feel all the ways you feel. In my classes I offer you the opportunity to recognize how immensely worthy you are of Unconditional Love. I use the tools of psychology, herbalism, music theory, yoga philosophy, art, Ayurveda, astrology, quantum physics, and ritualistic ceremony to create a container that serves you as you heal your own imbalances, all in alignment with your healed ancestors, guides, and the Earth. 

I was raised deeply initiated in the Church of Christ, experiencing the power of baptism and attending spiritual retreats from a young age. This set the foundation for my spiritual practice and journey. At only 14 years old I experienced extreme anxiety and depression daily. I was allowing myself to be consumed by feelings of lack and low self worth. This is when yoga found me and kept me alive. I began practicing yoga in high school, and it so divinely took me on a journey to self discovery. Along that journey, I discovered what makes me passionate, and I began to embody my passions in new depths. Through intentional reflection and with immense love and forgiveness for myself, I began to heal the root of my dis-eases. It was an imbalance that stemmed mainly from nutrient deficiencies, lack of awareness about mental health, dehydration, and a disconnection from the Earth’s natural rhythms. Along the way I have learned from many wonderful mentors that have guided me towards ongoing education and self realization. I studied Bhakti Yoga and Krishna Consciousness under Veda Saradas with Mindful Servant Institute, and was immersed in seva. I learned Kundalini Yoga, Earth Magic, and how to host ritualistic ceremony under Priestess Riya Rose. I became a certified teacher through a Registered Yoga Alliance school under two Vinyasa teachers, Selby Hill and Darby Norton(Yonder Yoga, Atlanta, 2021). I have a BOS in Psychology from Kennesaw State University currently in progress, and I am actively working to attain my Usui Reiki 1 certification. All of this is to say that I would love to hold space for you. I can’t wait to deepen a relationship with you, and to celebrate you as you grow.  Let me know however I can serve you or if there’s ever a way I can love you more intentionally. 


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