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sarah leatherman - 200RYT

I began my yoga journey in 2016. Watching my grandmother deteriorate from a series of falls, I was determined to find a lifelong strength practice. Looking to yoga purely for the athletic aspects, I began practicing at home with on-line videos. I was hooked immediately. I remember not feeling the meditative effects of the breath to movement right away. At first it was the thrill of the challenge, but continual practice enabled me to tap into the flow state, focusing on breath, sensation and movement.  

I received my 200hr RYT certification from {sacred} Yoga Studio in Atlanta in 2020, just before the COVID pandemic. The shutdown was hard for almost all of us, and it gave me the chance to focus again on being a student. I believe it is so important to keep an open mind! To always learn, share and serve.


In summer of 2022 I received my sound healing certification, which included an immersion into meditative music and experience with a wide assortment of instruments from many different cultures. I enjoy merging the two worlds by incorporating some of these instruments into yoga classes as well as sound bath sessions.


I would love it if you would join me in my journey. Together we will learn, feel, listen and grow. We will explore movement, meditation and sound healing. We will enjoy safety, acceptance and joy. I hope to see you soon! 


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