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Start your day with this Hatha based yoga practice.  This morning class is focused on waking up the body by stretching out any kinks or sluggish feelings that may be lingering. Rise N' Shine will help you set a daily intention through a series of basic poses creating space in your body and clarity in your mind. All levels welcome.



Are you completely new to yoga and have no clue where to begin? Well, this class was made just for you! For 60 minutes you will enjoy a gentle and nurturing experience exploring proper alignment and learning the importance of your breath. Remember, it doesn't matter where you are in your life or your practice, yoga meets you where YOU are! All you need to do is show up.



Here students will enjoy a personalized and nurturing experience. This class is mainly Hatha based which means we will hold some postures for a few breaths to help create more balance between our internal and external worlds.  This will cultivate a strong and focused foundation in your practice. Using the breath to connect the mind and body,  don't be surprised if a little Vinyasa Flow (one breath, one movement) is incorporated.



Power up with this challenging and strength-building session. It's only an hour long, but be prepared to leave with a boost of confidence and some sweaty clothes.



In this class you will use your breath to stay focused and energized through a series of strengthening and fluid poses. All levels are welcome, but be aware that there will be lots of heat moving through the body!


This gentle practice will allow you to wind down after a long week. Come with an intention to open your body and mind to a nurturing yoga experience where we will move through basic postures accessible to everyone. 



A great chance to unwind after a long day, this mindful class will guide you to stretch out those kinks and to get stagnant energy held in the body moving. This class is strongly aimed to help you connect to your intuition by bringing all of your awareness to what exactly your body needs in each moment. We practice using the breath to unite the mind and body and practice nurturing and loving ourselves along the way.



This is a gentle, 75 minute class that provides support and healing for all ages. Fall into a meditative state while embracing the natural flow of your mind. Restorative Yoga is a great way to relax while restoring your muscles and thought patterns. This class is great to relieve stress, anxieties, arthritis, and so much more!


Living in this busy world, we tend to forget to make time to stop DOING and just simply BE. This hour long class has been created for all of you eager to be here now, in this moment. When you live in the moment you learn to listen to your body and what it's needing. Join Shelby as she helps you find that space within, where you connect with who you really are and why you're here. 




private services


Spend one-on-one time with your instructor to deepen your practice or fine tune areas of the body. Learn to understand the energy body as it relates to your physical body. We are available throughout the week and are happy to work with your schedule. 



Close your eyes and look within. This service will help you explore the internal landscapes of your mind. You will learn techniques to settle the mind and find clarity in your thought patterns which lead to a balanced life. 



Journey through a guided Chakra meditation using healing crystals as Shelby allows herself to be an open channel of divine light to help clear out any stagnant energy from the subtle body that might be holding you back from a life you love.

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