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Class Descriptions


Start your day with this energizing yoga practice.  This morning class is focused on waking up the body by stretching out any kinks or sluggish feelings that may be lingering. Sunrise Yoga will help you to set an intention for your day as you move through a series of basic poses creating space in your body and clarity in your mind. All levels welcome.



Are you completely new to yoga and have no clue where to begin? Well, this class was made just for you! For 60 minutes you will enjoy a gentle and nurturing experience learning safe alignment and the importance of the breath. Remember, it doesn't matter where you are in your life, or in your practice, yoga meets you where YOU are! All you need to do is show up.



Soul Flow is intended to be a soulful class to awaken your inner radiance through a hatha vinyasa hybrid yoga experience. Expect to leave class with more space in the mind, strength and mobility in the body, and a wide open heart!


Power up with this energizing and strength-building class as we invoke the inner warrior to cultivate more focus, discipline, and overall awareness of the mind, body, & soul. Expect to be challenged and to leave feeling refreshed and empowered.


This gentle practice will allow you the space to wind down and soften into the moment. Come with the intention to melt into this nurturing yoga experience where you will move through basic postures that help you to get out of your head and back home into your body.  



Expect a relaxing 75 minute class that provides support and healing for all ages. Melt into the meditative state of the parasympathetic nervous system and find deep rest and healing for all systems of the body. Restorative Yoga is a great way to relieve stress, anxieties, arthritis, and so much more! We offer sound healing during this class on the last Tuesday of each month.



Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that utilizes breath, movement, rhythmic sound, and meditation to relax and restore the mind and body while improving strength, flexibility and endurance. This powerfully effective form of yoga stimulates the immune, nervous, and glandular systems, helping to bring you back into true harmony. It is a sacred and scientific technology that enables you to access and realize your own creative energy to unlock your potential and elevate your consciousness.


Yin Yoga offers a deep release from the connective tissue of the body through a gentle asana practice in which you relax into certain poses until excess tension melts away. This class is combined with myofascial release therapy to deepen the release and move stagnation through the body.


Join us for a weekly mindful practice open to all of the community. This is a free class that takes place every Saturday at 12pm at Blue Lotus Yoga + Healing Arts at 103 Temple Avenue, Newnan, Ga.


Empowering and playful kid's yoga classes are offered 3 times a month at Blue Lotus. These classes are intended to help children to cultivate more presence and awareness in their little worlds while also learning to better manage their emotions.

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